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Dock Regulations

Rules for the use of the docks and floats are intended to provide fair and reasonable access to all members of the Club.  Dock space is limited, and will be fairly and reasonably regulated and controlled by the Club Manager and Staff in accordance with the following regulations:

1.  The front of the dock is to be used for loading, off loading, and cleaning until 1700 hours.  Thereafter, this area may be used for overnight dockage at the discretion of the Club Manager.

2. The docks on each side of the Club may be used for extended tie-up from one hour to overnight, provided prior approval has been obtained from the Club Manager.

3. The seaward side of the floating docks, during week, is reserved for the Junior Program.  The other side is for general use of the members.

4. The street side of the floats may be used for dinghy tie up by transients using Club moorings.

5. Fishing is not allowed on the docks or floats.

6. Dry dinghy storage is reserved for members who have paid for space on the dinghy dock adjacent to the launch float.

7. The launch float and adjacent dock are to be reserved exclusively for the use of "Watch Dog" and the launch.

8. The Fire District prohibits the launching of any boats from the sea wall.  Small boats must be carried onto the Club floats for launching.

9. There are several occasions during the season when it becomes necessary to provision and rig vessels that are made available to the Club through the generosity of its members.  The use of these vessels is invaluable, considering the duration and type of race for which they are used.  Typically they must be transformed from pleasure craft to Race Committee platforms, requiring the installation of signal halyards, starting guns, and regatta related equipment.  In order to insure that the Race Committee is able to provision and depart at an early hour, these vessels shall be allowed to remain overnight, alongside the Club, the evening before such events, and long enough thereafter to be off loaded and cleaned.

Ratified And Approved By The Board Of Directors
May 20th, 2000