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Click here to download the Hurricane Plan.

The limited resources of the Watch Hill Yacht Club allow us to be responsible only for Club property.  You must be responsible for the safety of your vessel, as our limited resources do not allow us to take steps to assist you.  Club personnel are responsible for 5 powerboats, a number of sailboats, dinghies, docks, trophies, and other WHYC equipment. 

Please begin your preparations early!  Call your boatyard, etc, to make space for your boat, or find a suitable space up the river, etc.  If your boat is trailer-able, make plans to remove your boat before the last-minute rush; Remember: under no circumstances may any boat tie to, or remain at the WHYC docks; Once the Launch has been removed from the premises, there will be no easy way to get to your mooring.

After a Hurricane Watch has been issued for this area by NOAA, Club Personnel will begin preparing the Clubhouse and docks, and will thus be unavailable to assist you. Any help that can be provided after the Club and its property are secure will be at the Manager's discretion, bearing in mind the proximity of the storm.  At no time may the personal safety of any employee be jeopardized to secure the property of the Club or any member.