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4th of July Race Photo Gallery

2010 Chew Race Winners
2010 Chew Memorial Race Winners

July 4 2010 Race Committee Boat
Aphrodite Race Committee Boat
Can you see that sail number?
(L-R) Lily, Grace, Ted
Chew Memorial Race Start
July 4th Chew Memorial Race
Start of the Race
Aphrodite Committee Boat

July 4 2010 Race, A Family Affair
July 4th Race Committee is a Family Affair
( L-R) Ted, Lily, Grace & Scott Vincens
Race Chase Boat
Jeff Hires, watching the line
Race Committee Chase Boat

WH15 Fleet
July 4th Chew Memorial Race, WH15 Fleet
#25 Empyrean in the foreground
Jumping from boat to boat
July 4th Chew Memorial Race
Tamara (Chew) Gorski & Gina McEwen