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Enrollment Form Junior Program Liability Waiver Form

Please enroll by May 1st, 2019. Billing will occur after enrollment and prior to the first day of class. The sponsoring member's account will be charged for non-payments. Enrollment is for 4 week or 8 week sessions. Classes fill up early. A Wait List will be implemented once a class has reached capacity. No refunds or adjustments to charges will be made for any absences.

This form must be submitted for each participant.
*Indicates required fields.

Child's Name*: 
Child's Birthday*:  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Child's Age as of July 1st:* 
Child's Sex  Male   Female
Parent's / Guardian's Name*: 
Member Number: 
(If non-member)
Home Phone Number*: 
Work Phone Number: 
Summer Home Phone Number: 
Mobile Phone Number*: 
2nd Mobile Phone Number: 
Home Address*: 
State*    Zip*: 
Summer Home Address: 
(If different from Home Address above)
State    Zip: 
E-mail: please list all parties that you wish to receive WHYC program information over the course of the summer.
Primary E-mail Address*: 
2nd E-mail Address: 
3rd E-mail Address: 
In Emergency, Notify*: 
Emergency Telephone Number*: 
Please List Any Physical
Limitations / Problems*

(Allergies, Medications, etc. If none, enter "none")
Has your child received a tetanus shot
within the last 10 years?*
Yes   No
Date of Last Tetanus Shot*:  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Name of Child's Physician: 
Physician's Phone Number: 
Medical Insurance Company: 
Policy Number: 
Able to Swim without a Life Jacket:  Yes   No
T-shirt Size*:  Youth Large   Adult Small   Adult Medium
Adult Large   Adult X-Large
Sailing Experience:* Please indicate your child's sailing history. Based on his or her sailing experience, sailing instructors will match your child with the appropriate level class. Class Placement e-mails will be emailed to you, after the close of Registration (May 1st).
Taste of Sailing: Ages 7-9; 1-2 years of participation
Beginner Opti: Ages 9+; 1-4 years of sailing experience; has not participated in regattas
Intermediate Opti: 3-5 years of sailing experience; has participated in regattas
Advanced Opti: 5 years (minimum) of sailing experience; participates regularly in regattas; exhibits excellence in
     boat handling

Beginner 420: Ages 14+ (or upon instructor approval); 1st year of 420 sailing or has not participated in 420 regattas
Intermediate 420: 1-3 years of 420 sailing experience; has participated in 420 regattas
Advanced 420: 2 years (minimum) of 420 sailing experience; participates regularly in regattas and Team Racing
Provide any additional information you wish to share with the instructors about your child's sailing history or experience, to better help match your child with an appropriate class.
Boat Ownership*:   Yes   No        OPTI    C420
If you've answered "yes" to boat ownership, would you like boat storage for one session, $100   or the   full season $150
Desired Placement* - Please Select One:
First Session   Member    Non-Member
With a boat July 1 - July 26, four weeks $460.00 $600.00
Without a boat July 1 - July 26, four weeks $700.00 $950.00
Second Session
With a boat July 29 - August 23, four weeks $460.00 $600.00
Without a boat     July 29 - August 23, four weeks $700.00 $950.00
Full Season
With a boat July 1 - August 23, eight weeks    $800.00 $950.00
Without a boat July 1 - August 23, eight weeks $1000.00 $1500.00
Taste of Sailing (Meets on Wednesday Mornings)
First Session July 3 - July 24, four weeks $300.00 $500.00
Second Session    July 31 - August 21, four weeks    $300.00 $500.00
Full Season July 3 - August 21, eight weeks $425.00 $675.00
  * Please note: we will not be hosting classes on Thursday, July 4th.
Parent / Guardian must agree to the terms of the 2019 liability waiver stated here:
I am the parent ( or guardian) of the Junior Sailor named above and hereby acknowledge that the execution of this Agreement is a condition to the participation of the Junior Sailor in Watch Hill Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program ("Program"). I accept that the sport of sailing and the conduct of the Program entail and are subject to certain inherent risks, and, on behalf of the Junior Sailor, I accept all risks on land and at sea of participation in the Program. Now, therefore, by the act of submitting this form, I do hereby agree as follows:

I consent to the participation of the Junior Sailor in the Program and agree that this Agreement will extend to the WATCH HILL YACHT CLUB.

I consent to the participation of the Junior Sailor in regattas and sailing events which are a normal part of the Program ("Regattas") and agree that this Agreement will extend to the benefit of yacht / sailing clubs / associations which are the host to or are the venue of such Regattas ("Host Clubs"”), and to the Junior Sailing Association ("JSA") of E.C.S.A. as follows:

I agree that this Agreement will extend to all Regattas which the Junior Sailor attends and will benefit each Host Club for such Regatta and the JSA.

I waive my right to any claims against and release any obligation of the Watch Hill Yacht Club, each Host Club, and the JSA and all of their respective members, employees, agents and all other persons serving as members if the Race Committees or Juries, or any other person acting in any capacity for the conduct of the Program or any Regatta (each an "Indemnified Person") in relation to any loss, injury, or damage (on land and or at sea or in transportation to the Program or any Regatta) to the Junior Sailor or to the boat or other property of the undersigned or the Junior Sailor to the fullest extent permitted by law.

I agree to reimburse the Club, any Host Club, the JSA, and each Indemnified Person for any loss or damage to property, and to indemnify and hold the Club, each Host Club, the JSA and each Indemnified Person harmless from any claim, loss, or injury caused by the negligence, or misconduct of, or failure to exercise reasonable care by the Junior Sailor.

I accept all terms of the liability waiver paragraphs documented in this on-line registration form*.

Parent / Guardian Name*: 
By entering my name in this field, I provide an electronic signature of consent and agreement.

*Instructors have the final say regarding class placement based on each sailor's individual skill level and on safety restrictions.

End of Session Banquets: Sundays, July 28th and August 25th
WHYC Regattas: Opti Regatta July 25th, Club 420 Regatta August 1st
Please note: no class will be held on these days.