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Parking Stickers
Current Parking Stickers apply to the Upper and Lower Parking lots and must be affixed to the driver's side front window of any vehicle parked in either Parking Lot.  Replacement stickers are available for broken windshields, newly acquired cars, etc.

Lower Lot
The Lower Parking Lot has be re-striped to make use of the inner spaces which are hardly ever used.  Consequently, the following policy will be in force as of June 20, 2000.

"K" Spaces:   Spaces marked with a yellow "K" require that the car keys be left with the Parking Lot Attendant on duty.  When no attendant is on duty, keys should be left at the bar upstairs for deposit in the Key Box.

Regular Spaces: Members may park and lock their cars in spaces without the "K", but may optionally leave their keys with the Parking Lot Attendant.

Upper Lot
The Upper Lot is to be used for all-day or overnight parking, and as overflow if the Lower Lot is full.  For weekend races, the Lower Lot may be used for unloading prior to moving the car to the Upper Lot.  This makes the Yacht Club more accessible to our members who might have difficulty walking from the Upper Lot.

Parking Lot Attendant
In redesigning the Parking Lot, we have also redesigned the job description for the Parking Lot Attendant.  Instead of stopping cars at the entrance, he or she will monitor only the Yacht Club parking spaces to be sure only members with valid parking stickers are parked in our spaces.  The Parking Lot Attendant will also render assistance to members who need help in any way, including bringing the dock cart for sails, etc.

Members who park without current stickers will be considered in violation of Club Rules.  The Club Manager will report any violations to the Flag Officers and the Board of Directors.

Temporary Parking Passes
Daily Parking Passes are available at the Club for guests or for special circumstances.  These should be acquired in advance, if possible, especially on race days when crew may not be WHYC members.